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Endorsements on Playing Music By Ear


Playing by Ear has been undervalued. Yet it is through such playing that... the aims of music education can BEST be achieved, ... A research study has shown that ear-playing methods used with players actually improve their sight- playing..." besides other advantages.


Dr Raymond Chasse, President of Summit University commented.

I am very impressed with Mr Alex Leow’s 30 years research and development in the field of Playing Music By Ear.

As a musician myself, I attest that Mr Alex Leow's Play By Ear™ method is the best that I know as a complete program for the aspiring hobbyist to the professional to make them creative and adaptive. As a general consensus, Classical, Pop, Video and Cyber Music Classes produce students with limited capabilities. Mr Alex Leow has broken that barrier...

We have also been listed in the Malaysian Book of Records where 65 of our students performed 5 songs on 2 pianos.

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