The Art of Making Music

The “Art of Making Music” is what Play By Ear™ Method is about,  involves the learning of broad formulas and skills to allow you to “MAKE” music like a musician, not just master and play the instrument. We consider the ability to Play By Ear™ a prerequisite to becoming a REAL MUSICIAN.

There is a strong tendency to confuse Playing Music By Ear with piano lessons, pop music lessons or cyber-music lessons. Play By Ear™ lessons are not piano lessons (nor any other instrument mastery lessons, for that matter). Piano lessons concentrate only on the mastery and development of pianistic skills and techniques required for piano performances. These are only half of the full picture.

Pianistic skills and techniques by themselves without the inclusion of Playing Music By Ear skills will NOT be enough make you a musician. That is why a sizeable number of high graders and music diploma holders come to us to learn how to Play By Ear.

It is also not Pop Piano courses, which basically substitute classical songs with pop songs. They are still ‘technically based” and in fact more “song” based. Their emphasis are more on songs & techniques and not so much on the formulas that make music. When you come for class, the teacher will tend to as you: “What song do you want to learn today?”

Nor is it Cyber / Computer music courses which basically rehash the same things above with the aid of computers. Nothing wrong with computers because they are the most patient teachers; but are you acquiring musicality skills through it?

You should BE CLEAR on this concept first before you start your music lessons. It is no fun going through all the above, having paid your fees and invested your time to find that you are still inadequate as a musician many years later!