Learn to Play By Ear now, it is never a better time! The younger, the better. Currently, we cater for ages 7 onwards, though there have been cases where teach as young as 5 or 6. The main criteria is: Can the incumbent understand concepts or not besides being able to command the neural & motor faculties?

A “clean slate” is much easier to work with, so to speak. Dexterity can be a disadvantage as you get older even though your comprehension level may be good. You probably would not be able to achieve as much then as you can now.

Then again, Playing Music by Ear, being a great avenue for relieving stress, is itself a great motivating factor to acquire that ability early for a better quality life. Life becomes more meaningful when you can express your feelings and thoughts through music. It does wonders to your self-esteem when you hear your guests ask for encores after your performances.”

If it is within your means now, fulfilling your dream quickly will bring far more benefits than you could ever imagine. We recommend you do what Ong Mei Yen, William Saw, Douglas Wan, Augustine and Rachel Yong, Ashwin, Professor George Chadwick, and many other fledging Natural Musicians did: Block out the next 6 months and just do it!

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