Music Learning Methods


Music Learning Methods – Are conventional methods and Play By Ear™ (PBE) compatible?

Actually, YES! They are very, very compatible. In fact, they work hand in glove (contrary to what many conventional teachers may think). Playing by Ear provides the musicality, creativity and overall concepts (Right Brain). Technical lessons (Piano, Guitar, Flute, Violins, Accordions, Harmonicas, etc.) take over to provide the pianistic/technical skills and finer techniques to allow the creativity and musicality to flow smoothly (Left Brain). In fact, it is the ideal scenario to have both skills. It has been reported that students who take the Play By Ear™ course do better musically at the conventional system.

Ashyin (9) of lpoh, who takes conventional piano classes along with the Play By Ear™ Course, says: “I have improved in my conventional classes… I play the exam pieces By EAR… can play any chords you request.. I have a skill (for life). .. I am very lucky to go for this (PBE) class…”

Ashwin 9 Ipoh