Music Lesson for Everyone


Music Lesson for Everyone is exactly what Play By Ear™ Method is about, however this course is suitable for anybody having reasonable musical talent, a strong desire, a well-developed thought faculty and reasonable coordination ability. So far, our oldest student is 80 years old.

It is suitable for anybody who wants to play music as a hobby. Yet, it is also suitable for people who intends to make a living/career out of music in a creative way. e.g. Performers, Music Arrangers, Composers, Jingles writers, Sessionists, Sound Engineers, Play By Ear™ teachers; etc.

8 years old Rachel Yong of Penang is another talented child who could not thrive under the conventional system. She says: “I felt bored, tensed and pressured (with the conventional lesson). With the Play By Ear™ Method, I’m very relaxed and enjoy myself. (Now,) without books, I’m able to play Disney songs from CD, Tapes, Radio, etc. Thanks…”

Her father, Augustine Yong, also took up Play By Ear™ lessons with his daughter. Now he says: “I was a (conventional piano) ‘dropout’… takes too long to be able to play. … Now I am able to play my favorite tunes after the 3rd lesson in my style, my mood. The Play By Ear™ Method works for me.”

Rachel Yong Penang