Play By Ear™ Guarantees


Play By Ear™ guarantees you will learn the formulas on how to Play By Ear™ as detailed in each level. If we (not the student) find that you cannot follow your course due to certain talent deficiencies, the money back guarantee (MBG) option will be offered to you by the 4th lesson. After the 4th lesson, the MBG no longer applies. The quality of music will depend on you applying the formulas learnt. Guarantee is void if you consistently slack in your practice & application. The quantum of refund is based on the full amount paid less 3rd party charges (e.g. credit card charges, talent evaluation test, studio rental, etc.), whichever applicable. All course materials provided will have to be returned.

In the event that the student fails the talent evaluation test but insists on taking the course anyway, the student will have to waive the guarantee.

Dennis Heng of Tmn Tun Dr lsmail, KL is one such person who cannot benefit from the Play By Ear™ Course System. As promised, because of talent deficiencies, we refunded the FULL AMOUNT (less 3rd party incidentals) to him upon the recommendation of the instructor.

Money Back Gaurantee