Secrets of Great Musicians

Why Play By Ear? Because learning to play music by listening to it is easier and more fun than by reading notes! Who can disagree with this?

The Secrets Of Great Musicians are many, one of them is the ability to play “By Ear” which is covered in Alex Leow’s  Play By Ear™ Method.

Secret #1:

All the best musicians in the world (including Bach, Mozart, Beethoven to today’s modern musicians like Yanni, Kavana, Pavarotti, etc.) play/make music by ear. The last 3 the above do not or partially read notes. Of course there are some who can do both – by ear and by sight reading well.


Long before music notation was invented by the monks (Guido d’Arezzo in 991 AD) during the Renaissance period, the Play By Ear way of making music is the ORIGINAL and NATURAL way to learn music for the past 6000+ years. It has always been and today, it still is.

Today, one such musician we can relate to easily is the Lounge Pianist. He plays so well, improving and enjoys himself so much that we all wish we could play like him. He just listens to a tune for a while, tinkers around to find the melody, works out the left hand part. Finally, he puts all the parts together and voila, a beautiful tune! It all looked so easy! What wouldn’t you give to play like him?