Secrets to play music by ear

Secrets to play music by ear:  After learning, it gives you a special ability to make music in your own style with details that are uniquely yours. Instead of playing a song in ONLY ONE style which is what music students commonly do (by the book), you have the capability, spontaneity and the versatility to make many beautiful variations. Seldom do you get two musicians playing exactly the same unless one copies the other wholesale (which would make the 2nd one a “Play From Memory” performer – a totally different category altogether).

We believe that being able to play music by ear is a dream which you and many others hoped to achieve but never got anywhere near because you are not being taught about it in your current music lessons. Too bad it is a subject not every music teacher is well versed with.

As mentioned, it is about learning the “Art of Making Music” (not the instrument) and has a lot to do with achieving musicality. By achieving it, you heighten your sensitivity and awareness to sound. Anybody on this plane will attest that it puts you into another exhilarating dimension of life which is “better than drugs”, so to speak! What you achieve out of it henceforth depends on how much you apply it and how well you develop your ability. Some people find satisfaction in just playing their favorite songs in easy keys. Some made detailed arrangements and put it in writing.

Mr. William Saw of Cheras arranged his favorite songs in his own style midway through the 6 month Play By Ear™ Course. On his own initiative, using music rudiments he has learnt, WROTE down his arrangements ALL BY HIMSELF!