Self Taught Musician, can you benefit from this course?

play by ear man singing with mic

That’s entirely possible. There are plenty of self-study materials that you can buy from the book stores and over the internet. However, our findings is that few people are disciplined enough to go all the way with it. It is also a known fact that 90% of people never got beyond the 1st chapter of the books they buy. You need to make an assessment before you do the purchase. (Spending “small” money without getting the results is an expensive affair over the long term. Donald Trump always believe in spending top dollars for what gives the best results – which is cheaper in the long run. This is probably how he became a billionaire. See his book: Think like a Billionaire )

For those who cannot come to our physical centres, we have online based training. If you need interactive guidance, just call our 24 hours hotline +603-2055 3100 or email for an appointment.

Most people need interactive guidance, namely, the presence of a teacher/instructor. Even then, a small percentage will go “missing in action” (MIA) but that’s better odds than self study. Hiring one will cost you more but then again, it is better to have paid more to achieve results than to pay little and achieve nothing at all. Besides, as you learn, you need feedback from a trained professional to help you improve.

While the Play By Ear™ Method teaches you to be independent, most people initially need to be guided on how to “teach yourself”.

For the big majority of people, our recommendation is: Use the interactive approach first. Distance is no problem nowadays because of broadband, webcams and dedicated music softwares. Once you are fairly competent, then go for the self study courses to strengthen yourself. In fact, we also recommend that you join various societies and interest group to widen your exposure. Having it “up there” only in your brain but not in your fingers does not make you a musician.