Using Play By Ear™ Method for Jazz Music


Using Play By Ear™ Method for Jazz Music is probably one of the most exciting news for Jazz music lovers as you are able to improvise and arrange any songs of your choice in Jazz.

Yes. And you will do it much more easily too because you are trained to be spontaneous, creative and versatile. Jazz is a very much misunderstood art. It is very hard to do Jazz when you are trained to follow exactly as written. You need to be free and versatile! When a well-known examination body introduced the Jazz examination as an alternative to the Piano examination, many were interested but many “traditional” piano teachers were in a fix because they knew little or nothing about Jazz, let alone teach it. Jazz education is in a bind because only a handful of people really know how to teach it and very few have quantified it. It took too long (at least 3 years for a piano diploma holder to see any results) and involved too much tedious practice.

We were among the first to quantify it and have students know the nuts and bolts of Jazz improvisation in an Easy-To-Understand manner. Once you know how to improvise, arrangement is a piece of cake. For example, right from the start, PBE 1 already deals with block chords. PBE 2 adds to it the “Jazz Feel”. Then, it’s a matter of relating the chords to which scales to use, input the right feel. Then we build it up with the introduction of various types of scales and improvisation principles (Level 4), and so forth.